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Our offer

Offer re. Hogweed control, training

The Foundation offers hogweed control services throughout Europe, incorporating different methods, particularly, the innovative PASTWA Method and Technique in any terrain, including state-owned forests, national parks and protected areas without jeopardising the safety of flora and fauna – safe for bees.

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Nasz adres / Our address

ul. Klonowa 8
66-431 Santok


Zadzwoń / Call

+48 601 324 111
+48 884 710 071 (English)


Nasza oferta

- Gromadzenie wiedzy
- Organizacja szkoleń
- Ekspertyzy i doradztwo
- Badania terenowe
- Zwalczanie roślin
- Współpraca z samorządami

Our Service

- Gathering knowledge
- Organization of training
- Expertise and consulting
- Field research
- Combating plants
- Cooperation with local governments