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Innovative method and technology of PASTWA
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Do you know that you can fight Heracleum sosnowskyi without causing damage to natural environment?

Innovative method and technology of PASTWA and devices (versions I and II) allow safe mass elimination of plants with a developed root and neck root. At the period of vegetation it is possible to apply the damaging agent. Application of the method is possible until the production of ripe seeds and prior cutting of the plants is not necessary. The plants become fully decomposed (their utilisation is not required). The method eliminates the necessity of inhaling very dangerous herbicide vapours and minimises contact of humans  and the natural environment with the working liquid. It may also be applied in areas that are difficult to access (mountains, stony ground, landfills, debris and stone dumps, rail embankments, heaps, hard and dry clay, bushy areas, around lakes, rivers and ditches).

NOTE: Instead of herbicides, it is possible to apply an organic substance tried in years 2012 – 2016 in the areas of Santok within Nature 2000 territories, in Kłodawa and Jedwabno municipalities (Napiwodzko – Ramucki Forest and Nature 2000 areas).

Foundation Heracleum: Burning Problem has since 2014 been in the possession of the only device in Poland and Europe protected by Polish patent No. PAT.220254 and European patent No. 2943062 to damage invasive Heracleum species.

Method and technology of PASTWA

ECONOMICAL, EFFECTIVE, EFFICIENT, NON-INVASIVE, ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, SAFE FOR HUMANS AND BEES PASTWA minimises negative impact on natural environment. The application of 4 ml of fluid for a single plant only takes 3 to 6 seconds.

Simple application: apart from protective clothing, the operator does not need any special skills or strength. Relevant knowledge and training provided by the Foundation is sufficient.

A light device: it only weighs 7 kg and can be carried without much effort over longer distances. It is handy and easy to operate.
Effective: if the task is performer correctly, the neighbouring plants remain safe. Systematic activity over subsequent years eliminate Heracleum from the location. A very high effectivity (reaching 100%) of Heracleum elimination can be achieved by everyone without jeopardising neighbouring plants or a necessity of prior cutting of Heracleum.

Note: rainfall does not influence the damaging effect.

Safe: the operator practically has no contact with the applied damaging substances. It is absolutely safe for pollinators (including bees).

Economical: the device, its method and technology of application lowers the cost of fighting Heracleum. It is an investment for several decades.

No utilisation of plants required: the plants fully decompose at the latest after a month following the plant damaging operation.

Do you know that you can control Sosnowsky’s hogweed without destroying the natural environment?

The innovative PASTWA Method and Technique and Equipment allows you to focus on the safe eradication, in any growth season and on a massive scale, of plants that could produce and sow seeds, as well as plants that have already flowered and produced green seeds. The plants undergo complete decomposition. This method eliminates the risk of inhaling highly dangerous herbicide vapours, and minimizes contact between the solution and men and the natural environment.

Since 2014, the "Palący Problem - Heracleum" Foundation has been offering the only in Poland apparatus protected by a Polish patent PAT.220254 and European patent PCT/PL2014/000002 for the control of invasive species of hogweed.

1. Offer for the PASTWA Method and Technique addressed to communes, enterprises, institutions and private individuals


  • Minimises adverse effect on the natural environment. The application of 4 ml of a 1% solution per plant takes only 3 – 6 seconds.
  • simple to use – The person performing the treatments, apart from adequate protective clothing, requires no special skills or strength. A compendium of knowledge or training conducted by the Foundation is just about enough.
  • light – The equipment can be carried over long distances without problem and used even in areas difficult to access (mountains, slopes, rocky substrates), weight ca. 7 kg. It is handy and easy to use.
  • effective – If the treatment is carried out properly, the surrounding plants will be safe. Systematic treatments carried out in the subsequent years eliminates the hogweed stand. Anyone can achieve very high effectiveness (up to 100%) in the control of hogweed without putting non-target plants at risk . Note! Rain has no impact on the extent of control.
  • safe – Currently, the people performing the treatment, have practically no contact with the herbicides applied. They do not inhale dangerous vapours. The method is entirely safe for pollinators (including bees).
  • cheap – The apparatus together with the technique and technology reduces the costs of hogweed control. It’s an investment for years.
  • does not require plant utilisation –Within one month of treatment, the plants decompose completely.
  • The control set contains:
  • apparatus with container for the herbicide
  • additional insert – absorbent material
  • Price (includes training) is negotiable

PASTWA EQUIPMENT PERFORMANCE (treatments carried out by a single person)

  • product application time: 3 - 6 seconds = eradication of 1 plant
  • 1 minute = eradication of 10 plants
  • 1 hour = eradication of 600 plants
  • 1 day (8 hours) = eradication of 4800 plants
  • 1 month (22 work days) = 105,600 mature plants eradicated (ca. 3.5 ha)

The pro-environmental PASTWA Method and Technique has been approved for global use.

The description of the PASTWA Method and Technique has been included in the Guidelines for the Control of Sosnowsky’s Hogweed (Heracleum sosnowskyi) and Giant Hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianum) in Poland published by the General Directorate for Environmental Protection.


We offer professional hogweed control services. The price ranges from PLN 10,000 to PLN 35,000 per 1 ha (negotiable) and depends on the scope of work, the control method and techniques applied, topography and hogweed population size. We guarantee that no new seeds are produced and sown on the treated land.

We carry out control treatments all year round.


Translation of the letter of Reference for “Palący Problem- Haracleum” Foundation

In 2011, the “Palący Problem- Haracleum” Foundation and the Commune Office in Santok initiated the first-in-Poland Pilot Project for Controlling Sosnowsky’s Hogweed.
In 2012, in order to contain the uncontrolled expansion of this invasive plant, a new apparatus and technology patented by the Foundation were used for the first time to effectively control hogweed and prevent further sowing of a new population of seeds in the Czechów village area of 1.2 ha.
In 2013, at the request of the Santok commune, stands of Sosnowsky’s hogweed in the Górki village area of 2.1 ha were destroyed. Furthermore, as a result of activities undertaken in collaboration with private landowners from the Santok commune, the aim of which was to transfer the knowledge and skills necessary to control hogweed using this innovative method and apparatus, hogweed stands covering an area of 7.6 ha were eradicated effectively.
The process and effects of Sosnowsky’s hogweed control within the Santok commune have been documented in photographic material and detailed commissioning reports from particular stages of execution.
The Santok Commune Office commends the Foundation on its measures to contain the expansion of and to control Sosnowsky’s hogweed. Concurrently, we strongly recommend that other communes establish cooperation with the Foundation in this area.

Stanisław Chudzik

The funds obtained are used to fulfil the Foundation’s mission.

Photos of the PASTWA apparatus and hogweed control treatments

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  • 0303
  • 0404
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  • 0808

Simple Image Gallery Extended

Photo 1 hogweed pre-treatment and in Photo 2 post-treatment.
Photos 3 and 4 show hogweed post-treatment.
Photos: Jan Pastwa
Photo 5 shows the PASTWA apparatus, Photos 6 – three versions of the PASTWA apparatus.
Photos: Ryszard Kućko
Photos 7, 8 – hogweed eradication in protective clothing

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